Selecting the Appropriate Word Count Range

Step 3 (from How to Use EEE description page): Based on your document’s total word count*, please select the appropriate price range via ourPricing and Services page. Depending on the size of your document, you may have a choice of two delivery deadlines. After selecting your preference you will be directed to the checkout page where your payment will be processed.

*It is important that you select and pay for the appropriate word count. The price for our service is based upon your document’s total word count, not a selected portion thereof. We will check your payment choice versus the word count in the uploaded document (we use the Microsoft Word word counter as our measure). If you have not paid the appropriate amount at checkout, then we will send you an additional invoice with the unpaid difference before starting the editing process. The deadline you have chosen for us to return your completed paper will begin after we receive payment confirmation of the additional invoice.

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