The EEE Editing Style

All of EEE’s editors own a graduate degree from a respected university and have personal experience within the publishing industry, as authors, peer reviewers, or editors.


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The Right Editor for the Job

In order to provide truly effective academic editing we believe there are two key characteristics that your editor must have. The first is mastery of the English language. EEE exclusively employs editors who have demonstrated expert writing skills throughout their academic and professional careers. The second key is to ensure that your editor possesses specific understanding within your field. EEE draws upon a network of trusted editors with backgrounds covering a wide range of academic areas. Our depth of knowledge and skill allow us to meet your manuscript’s specific editing needs.


Quality Control

After your paper has been carefully edited by a trusted content expert, it is sent directly to our Chief Editor and CEO, Nathan B. Olive. It is Nathan’s responsibility to perform the final quality check on every submission that EEE receives before it is returned to the original author. In this way, he can be absolutely certain that EEE’s reputation is upheld to the high standard that both you and he demands. If Nathan finds one of his editors failing to meet these strict standards then he can directly address the issue, ensuring that EEE continues to deliver English editing services with the highest level of quality.


See the Difference

EEE believes it is important to keep the editing process simple and straight forward. For this reason, your paper will be edited using the “Tracked Changes” feature in Microsoft Word, allowing you to view each change made to your original document. You may also see “comments” inserted into the document. We use this feature when our editors wish to make suggestions without directly changing the text. You should strongly consider incorporating these “comments” as well as all “tracked changes” into your final draft.


What is Included?

Your submission will be edited by one of EEE’s content editors prior to being reviewed by our Chief Editor for a final quality check. The content editor focuses on finding and correcting the following type of errors:

      1. Grammar and punctation
      2. Spelling
      3. Appropriate word usage
      4. Sentence structure
      5. Identifying vague or unclear statements

EEE’s Chief Editor performs a quality check on the above points to backup our content editor’s work. He then goes further with the editing process, focusing on the following points:

      1. Suggesting alternative phrasing for vague or awkward writing
      2. Providing comments in the text to highlight broad inconsistencies
      3. Recommendations for general improvements in the flow and continuity of the text


What is Not Included?

EEE is devoted to helping you complete the publication process; however, there are some services that fall outside of our scope. Some of the more common misunderstandings involve the following points:

      1. EEE is a language editing service, we do not provide translation services.
      2. We do not offer formatting services; this includes figures, bibliographies, or general layout formatting.
      3. We will not guarantee a specific final word count for your submission.
      4. We cannot guarantee that your paper will be published. Click the following link for information about what is covered by our Quality Guarantee.


If you would like to view a sample of our editing style then you can do so by clicking on the following link: EEE Editing Sample.

If you have any further questions about our editing style or the overall process then please don’t hesitate to contact us.