Discounts for Re-Submissions

EEE offers huge discounts to customers whose manuscripts have previously been edited by us, but require further content revision to complete the publication process.

We understand that the publication process often requires multiple submissions before being completed. We also understand that you normally won’t be required to revise your entire document before re-submitting. Therefore, EEE would like to reward our customers by offering the following discounts for re-editing services.


  1. EEE offers a 20% (twenty percent) discount for submissions which have received a response from a publication journal that requires minimal content revision. These responses usually look something like this:

    Your submission may be accepted for publication after minor revision.

  2. EEE offers a 10% (ten percent) discount for any submission which has previously been edited by us. This discount is applicable for papers which require moderate to major content revision from a publication journal, as well as papers which have not yet been submitted for publication, but which you would like to have re-edited for any reason.


To redeem our re-submission discount simply send us an email and request your re-submission discount code; please remember to reference the title of your paper in the email. If you wish to request our 20% discount then we require that you also include the comments received from your publication journal within your email. We will quickly confirm that you have previously purchased our services for the same submission, and then send you a discount code which you can use during the checkout process.