Our Values

At EEE we take our professional and ethical responsibilities seriously. We know how much your research and work mean to you because all of us have been through a similar experience. We want to express our dedication to you in the form of values that we uphold in our role as language editors, and that we believe mean a great deal to our customers.


Respect for Privacy

EEE will always respect the privacy and intellectual property of your research.

Every single member of our team has signed a strict confidentiality agreement. Anything edited by EEE is absolutely and unequivocally the property of the submitting author, we take this part of our business extremely seriously!


Dedication to Quality

The quality of our work impacts yours. 

We understand that our editing has a direct impact on your chances for success. We take great pride in this responsibility, and pledge to provide you with the highest possible quality of work from our editing team.


Honor Our Commitments

What EEE promises, EEE delivers.

EEE believes that one of our greatest strengths is being able to deliver on what we promise. We will honor our commitments regarding quality, price, deadlines, and anything else we have promised along the way. This is a crucial step towards fulfilling our vision of being the most reliable academic editing service available.