About Us


EEE is dedicated to providing reliable and effective English language editing for academics, students, and professionals. 


Easy English Editing, EEE for short, is a family owned company that knows how the publications process works. We have experience in all phases of the publication journey, including as authors, peer reviewers, and editors. This experience provides us with a wealth of knowledge that gives our customers unparalleled comfort when publishing works as non-native English speakers.

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What Types of Services Does EEE Offer?

EEE’s primary goal is to provide English language editing for researchers attempting to publish on the international stage. We edit our customers’ original English draft for grammar, word usage, phrasing, sentence structure, logical flow, and more. After EEE has finished editing your manuscript, English will no longer be a concern during the publication process. To understand our level of commitment please review our core values and our EEE Guarantee.

A Note About Our Editors:

All of our editors are native English speakers with high level post-graduate education. We believe it is essential to provide our customers with language editors who understand your research. For this reason, we pre-screen each submission before assigning it to our most skilled and relevant editor.

We maintain our high standard of quality by reviewing each editor’s work on a regular basis, by holding training sessions to improve editing technique, and by tracking the success of each editor with regard to our Quality Guarantee. You may read more about a few of our contributing editors here.

For our business clients, we have recruited a specific group of editors who not only meet the above standards, but also have real-world experience within sales and marketing on an international stage. We maintain our commitment to providing editors with content specific knowledge, no matter who our customer is.