How to Use EEE

We are dedicated to making life easier for our customers, leaving you with more time to devote towards your research, teaching, family, private life, or whatever else you wish to prioritize.


This page is intended to give you a clear picture of how our service works. If you still have questions, then you are always welcome to contact us directly.


The Process:

Step 1 – Register: The first step is to create a free account with Easy English Editing. This is necessary so that only you may gain access to your edited work. You will be able to review past submissions and become eligible for a variety of discounts via your personal EEE Back Office.

Step 2 – Upload: Upload your document. The draft submitted to us should already be in English, we are not a translation service!

Step 3 – Select Your Editing Service: Based on your document’s total word count*, please select the appropriate price range via our Pricing and Services page. Once you’ve selected your preference you will be directed to the checkout page where your payment will be processed.

*It is important that you select and pay for the correct word count. The price for our service is based upon your document’s total word count, not a selected portion thereof. We check each payment choice versus the word count in the uploaded document (using Microsoft Word’s “word counter” as our measure). If you have not paid the appropriate amount at checkout, then we will send you an additional invoice with the unpaid difference before starting the editing process. The deadline you chose for us to return your completed paper will begin after we receive payment confirmation of the additional invoice.

Step 4 – EEE Goes to Work: EEE edits your submission for English language use. You will receive an email from by the completion deadline stating that your paper is ready. You can download the edited manuscript by reviewing your purchase history. Please be sure that you have added EEE’s contact information to your email system to prevent our messages from being filtered into your spam folder.

Step 5 – Review and Submit for Publication: We highly recommend that you read through your manuscript after EEE has completed our editing process*. Once you accept our editing suggestions you will be ready to submit to your target journal, thesis board, or publish for professional use.

*While we make every possible effort to ensure that your paper’s content remains unchanged, it is possible that during the re-phrasing process some of your intended meaning could be altered. We may also include “comments” in the document rather than re-phrasing certain sections. Please keep in mind that EEE will, under no circumstances, accept liability or responsibility for any perceived changes to your paper’s content, results, or intent.

Step 6 – Refer Your Colleagues: If you’re satisfied with EEE, then please consider referring a colleague to our service. Doing so will earn both you and your colleague a substantial discount on your next purchase.