Quality Guarantee – The Details

Our Quality Guarantee is the real deal. When you choose EEE as your editing provider we make a promise to you:

English language use WILL NOT prevent your research from successfully completing the publication process.


However, we can’t fulfill this promise without your participation. Please click on the following headlines to read about the terms of our Quality Guarantee, and what you can do if your paper is rejected due to English errors.


How to Qualify For the Quality Guarantee?

EEE cannot guarantee the quality of revisions made after our editing is completed. Therefore, the document that we return to you is the version of your manuscript covered by our Quality Guarantee. The Quality Guarantee becomes null and void if significant changes are made to your paper after EEE’s editing process has been completed. It is in your interest to upload a final version of your paper when purchasing our services.


What Should I Do?

When you purchase editing services from EEE your work is automatically covered by our Quality Guarantee. In order to maintain the validity of this guarantee we recommend the following:

  1. Before submitting your manuscript to EEE via our Document Upload Portal, please be certain that its content and structure is final and complete.
  2. When you receive the edited document back from EEE, review our text revisions and comments before submitting your manuscript for publication or examination.
  3. If you make significant revisions to your paper after our editing was completed, then you may wish to purchase another round of editing from EEE at a substantial discount. Click here to find out more. If you choose not to have your paper re-edited after making significant revisions then we can no longer validate our Quality Guarantee.


My Manuscript Has Been Rejected Due to English Language Use...

If your paper is denied publication due to poor English language use after having been edited by EEE, please send us the returned manuscript with all reviewer comments from the journal (send your paper in a Microsoft Word compatible format to this email address: Editor@EasyEnglishEditing.com). We will review the draft you’ve submitted to the journal in comparison with the draft we returned to you after our editing process was completed. If there were no major changes between the two drafts that would affect language comprehension, then we will re-edit your paper for free, simple as that!

However, if there are significant changes between the paper we previously edited and the version you submitted for publication then we can no longer validate our Quality Guarantee. Instead, we will provide you with a significant discount towards the re-editing process. We are dedicated to helping you reach your publication goals, and we believe that this service takes you one step closer to success.